640 Riverside Drive

Do not play the lottery to buy an apartement in this building.

You are not buying equity but debt.

UHAB has accumulated 60 million dollars worth of debt and the maintenance will not pay the debt.

This story from 936-938 St. Nicholas Avenue foretell the story of 640 Riverside Drive. https://pix11.com/news/local-news/co-op-owners-say-they-may-be-forced-from-homes-due-to-loan-mismanagement-by-third-party/

You can reach the maker of https://showthebooks.org if you want more information at theo@showthebooks.org.

You can read the offering plan to our sister building, 644 Riverside Drive at https://640rsd.new-york.ny.us/644Docs/644-Conversion_Redacted.pdf

HDFC all over the neighborhood have failed because of that balloon payment.

We reached out to the Department of Justice, to the Manhattan District Attorney, to the New York State Attorney General but nobody seems to find any malfeasance.

For more details you can read the Medium story: https://theochino.medium.com/why-i-am-going-after-cory-booker-girlfriend-d6bf8ee8a6e3